Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Celebrated a friend's birthday with a girls' dinner in this outfit. 
Had a great dinner at a Mexican Restaurant Besito. #fringes

Woke up many mornings with this cutie pie next to me in the bed. 
She stopped coming to my bed a year or so ago, and now she's been back. #lovingit

Had lunch with this cutie pie on another occasion. #minniemouse

Said lunch involved two of these for me. It was a fun lunch. #afternooncrash

Received a package with birthday present for the 9-year old and goodies for the rest of us, and this card, which is obviously a picture of our family as cats. #kitties

Decided to take better care of my skin. Proceeded to put on a this sheet mask and scare everyone. #fridaythe13th

Celebrated a friend's kid's birthday and had these two beauties with me. #teenagersarethebest

Spent a snow day working, shoveling and creating a snow sculpture. 
Sooo much fun making this. #middlefinger

The family spent snow day sculpting clay. That was a lot of fun too. #sculptors

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


This year the International Women's Day is getting more exposure in the US, and it's all thanks to Trump, and women being up in arms about equal rights because of him. There was a movement to stay home from work today, although I'm not sure how widespread that was. I did not stay home, but I did wear red for support. Most of my colleagues seemed to be at work too.

Anyway, since I work in the financial industry, I was really happy to hear about what State Street Global Asset Management did to draw attention to the issue and put pressure on firms to include more women in their boards. There was a number of news articles out about this, but this piece from
Fortune is a good one.

SSGA sponsored a piece of guerrilla art in downtown Manhattan, a little bronze statue of a girl, placed opposite the charging bull on Broadway. The girl is staring down the bull in a power pose. A brilliant move by SSGA to highlight an important issue in a very creative way.

And since I work close to the site of the bull and the girl, I of course went to see it today. There was quite a crowd around it, taking pictures and checking out the little girl.

Now if only these large asset managers would put their money behind this as well, and stop investing money in companies that don't have at least one woman in their boards. It is a better business and investing decision as well - there is a ton of research that proves that companies with more diverse boards provide better returns and are more profitable in the long run.

There is still a long way to go to true equality, but I'm so very happy that this movement has taken foot.

Happy International Women's Day!

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Knit Scarf

I may have mentioned that I love to knit. I'm not a very skilled knitter, and knit only the simplest of things, usually scarves. My motive in knitting is to enjoy the repetitive process, keep my hands busy, and let my mind relax. Sometimes I actually finish something that I start, like this little scarf. It only took me a few months to make. But it was a fun process. I'm already itching to start another one in a different color.

I found instructions for this scarf on this Finnish blog: Nonnu Neuloja 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Long Island Children's Museum

My kids love going to the Long Island Children's Museum and are always as excited to go there even though we've been there a few times. It's a great place for a rainy day, or if you just need to spend some quality time together. Last week we went to the LICM theater for the first time and the girls really enjoyed the play, Princess Frog, which was a musical show based on the Italian fairy tale "The Prince who Married a Frog". After the show the girls ran straight into their favorite room in the museum, the bubble room, where you can actually stand inside a soap bubble.


Mona Lisa

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February's Book - Americanah

In February I finished only one book and it was a good one. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah. It gets four and a half stars on Amazon, and has been a best seller since it came out in 2014. It's the first book I read from this author and I was very impressed. She has a nice clean writing style and a lot of very insightful social and race commentary. The book is a love story and a story of immigration and return to the homeland. Adichie is Nigerian, highly educated in the U.S., and writes about African people and culture. For me it was somewhat eyeopening to read this book, and I'm almost ashamed to say that I was so ignorant about current day Africa that it changed my view of it a little. We only hear about the catastrophes, genocides, starvation, and wars, and not enough about the every day life of Africans. I will definitely read more of her books to educate myself, and expect it to be a fun and rewarding educational experience. She has also emerged as a speaker for women's rights, delivering the TED talk (which I've yet to see - but will watch soon, with my 14-year old daughter) "We should all be feminists", the title which was famously taken for the Dior t-shirt, and parts of which were used  for a Beyonce song. I will definitely be interestedly following her career to see what she does or writes next.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy Monday

Is Monday anyone's favorite day? It's certainly not mine. Yes it's the start of a new week and an opportunity to start over. But it's usually just so dreary and boring, and too far from Friday. Today I decided to make my Monday a little bit better. I was tired from being up half the night watching the Oscars - Can you BELIEVE that snafu with the best film award?? So embarrassing and unfortunate, and kind of exciting at the same time, although I was really disappointed that La La Land didn't win best picture. Anyway, I wanted to have a little bit fun today, so I forced myself to get out at lunch and went to the new Eataly downtown. I've been there once before, for a dinner with a friend, but this time I went alone to explore. And I have to say it was just the mood boost I needed. I made a promise to start going there every Monday :-)

This time I took so long exploring, that I took the food back and ate at my desk at work, but next time I'll eat over there. 

Some cookies for the kiddos at home, and a yummy Italian Olive oil hand lotion for the office for me. 

New favorite spot - so happy this is close to my office! 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Vacation week in Blue and Gray

I'm having fun tonight eating junk, watching the Oscars and rooting for my favorite movie La La Land (which just won its first Oscar, yay!), while looking back at this week's pictures. It was a fun winter vacation (staycation) week, with a heat wave hitting New York. Highlights were one kid getting braces, and celebrating a birthday, doing a little shopping, visiting the Children's museum of Long Island and going to a children's play, taking the kids to the playground and sitting in the sun wearing just a t-shirt, and having the time to exercise (gym x2, jog on the track x1, yoga x1). Another highlight was when one day my husband surprised me with a new coat he found at the Ralph Lauren sale (apparently it was my belated Valentine's present). It was the perfect thing to wear at this mild weather. And lazy as I am, I basically wore the same thing the whole week...until I managed to douse myself in vodka, but that's a story for another day...

I also did a little DIY hack on one of my old t-shirts to make it a bit more trendy with rips and paint splatter. The easiest thing ever: lay down a newspaper on the garage floor, lay out t-shirt flat on top of the paper, crack open an old can of white paint, and go to town Jackson Pollock style, splattering paint and having fun with it. Let dry overnight, put in the wash the next day and voila, a very trendy t-shirt is born. Oh, and for a finishing touch, use dull kitchen scissors to cut some rips here and there.