Monday, September 26, 2016

Sinivalkoista / Blue and White

I took the kids to the Finnish School yesterday in this (not planned) thematically correct blue and white outfit.

I'm so happy the weather is finally getting slightly cooler. It's soooo nice to be outdoors in the crisp mornings, and not deal with the humidity. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's Still Summer

I have a confession to make: on Friday I cheated on my diet... It was just such a nice day, and I took the little girls out for some froyo, and I couldn't help myself but get some too. Life is meant to be enjoyed, after all! And I did enjoy it!! But as usually happens, one thing leads to another, and since I had already cheated, it was easy to slip some more. So because it was also such a nice night, we fired up the fire pit, sat outside, grilled some sausages, and had some red wine. Oh well, you know what they say... Failure doesn't come from falling down, failure comes from not getting up.


Love these autumn nights and sitting around the fire pit. No TV needed, just a glass of wine, something to munch, and a nice conversation...

Thursday, September 22, 2016


For the new season I want a couple of new things to update my look:

- a velvet jacket, preferably blue
- an oversized gray sweatshirt
- a box bag
- the perfect cap
- loose and luxe pants

The velvet jacket is making its way to me all the way from UK. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's what I want. The hunt continues for the other items.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Saturday in New York City

Last Saturday my daughter and I visited the Tenement Museum on Orchard Street, Lower East Side. It was a great experience for history buffs like us. The contrast between the immigrant life back in the day and my own when I arrived to this country was something to contemplate. I recommend visiting the museum, but be aware that you can only go with a tour, and you have to book way in advance, at least if you want to go on a weekend. They don't allow any photographing inside the museum, so I don't have any pictures from the actual tenement apartments.

I wore my Marimekko for Target top, Calvin Klein pants, Mansur Gavriel bag, Zara sandals. 

We had lunch (The Whole30 compliant, of course) at the Market Ipanema on Kenmare Street.
Not very traditional Brazilian, but very nice and fresh. 

On our way to a bit of shopping on Broadway, we passed by Little Italy. It was the feast of San Gennaro, and the crowds were something else, as evidenced by this photo. 

Luckily, we had already left the city before the explosion took place on Saturday. It's so lucky that nobody died even though it was a huge explosion. New Yorkers have been really chill about the incident. Life goes on and it's business as usual. New Yorkers won't let the fear of terrorism run their lives.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Bell Jar

"If I didn't think, I'd be much happier"
Sylvia Plath

I'm a bit behind documenting the books I've read. Some time ago I got into my head that I should occasionally read classic novels to educate myself. Not that reading contemporary literature is not educational too, but you know what I mean.

I settled on Sylvia Plath's Bell Jar for a few reasons: she's a legendary poet, had a tragic ending killing herself pretty young, I like her name, and I was curious. The book was also cheap on Amazon (usually NOT a good reason to read a book - or have you ever tried reading those free books on kindle? If not, DON'T!) Anyway, the Bell Jar is a pretty short book and a quick read. It was really well written with a tremendous ease to the tone but at the same time very sophisticated language. It's full of amazing little pearls of original thoughts, passages and quotes, by the way. I'm going to include one below. The book is clearly autobiographical, given it's a description of a young girl going into and through a mental illness, which is pretty much Plath's life. It may have been intentional by Plath, but the girl  felt cold and detached, which made her hard to like. Still it was a really good book, and I'm glad I read it. I will continue reading classics every now and then, though now I'm on to another contemporary book.

"I saw my life branching out before me like the green fig tree in the story. From the tip of every branch, like a fat purple fig, a wonderful future beckoned and winked. One fig was a husband and a happy home and children, and another fig was a famous poet and another fig was a brilliant professor, and another fig was Ee Gee, the amazing editor, and another fig was Europe and Africa and South America, and another fig was Constantin and Socrates and Attila and pack of other lovers with queer names and offbeat professions, and another fig was an Olympic lady crew champion, and beyond and above these figs were many more figs I couldn't quite make out. I saw myself sitting in the crotch of this fig tree, starving to death, just because I couldn't make up my mind which of the figs I would choose. I wanted each and every one of them, but choosing one meant losing all the rest, and, as I sat there, unable to decide, the figs began to wrinkle and go black, and one by one, they plopped to the ground at my feet." 
Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Monday, September 19, 2016

A little bit of Red goes a long way

I haven't posted an outfit for a long time, so here goes.

I whip my hair back and forth :-)

I love my red Tory Burch slides, and my new red patterned sweater from H&M. The pants are from LOFT, t-shirt from Forever21, and bag from Fendi.  

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Whole30 First Week

Ok, I can pat myself in the back for successfully finishing off the first week on the Whole30 diet. Some observations: 
- It's not that hard, but you do have to plan ahead because it's harder to grab something on the go. That said, I'm cooking ahead for the week today. 
- Mornings are hardest. I was getting tired of eggs, so I moved to a cut up peach and a slice of ham for breakfast. 
- I've been feeling pretty good mentally, even though it's been a very busy and somewhat stressful week, and no major mood swings that I was afraid of. 
- I feel like I'm less bloated. 
- I should probably eat more fibrous vegetables to help the bathroom situation. 
- I haven't had major cravings, but let's see what happens in a week when I get to that time of the cycle...