Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Welcome to the "Best is Here and Now" blog. This blog will remind me of the importance of living in the moment, and finding the beauty and happiness of my life as it is. As so many others, I too have a tendency of living for the future, and planning it in my head. And although looking ahead is a good thing, it can also get you stressed out, and make you miss out on the wonderful things happening right now. And there are lots of wonderful things happening in my life. Three little girls growing up, being all smart and cute and amazing. A career in the financial industry. A house that always requires some upkeep and re-decorating. Socializing with friends, hosting parties, traveling, shopping, trying to live healthy, enjoying the beautiful beaches of Long Island. Sometimes it all gets a bit much, but in those moments I just need to take a deep breath and remember that the best is here and now.