Wednesday, September 23, 2020

My Summer Reads (and a Listen)

 My summer reads have been a bit lighter than my usual fare, and I have to say that I enjoyed them thoroughly. 

The first one was Sex and Vanity, by Kevin Kwan (the Crazy Rich Asians author). It's a romantic story about very rich people, in jet set locations such as Capri and the Hamptons, but it also weaves in a storyline of racism and a satire of status-obsessed snobs. It's a well written book and a delight to read, it could have been slightly shorter, but nevertheless it was the perfect beach read, particularly read on a beach not too far from the Hamptons (but still a world away). I expect this to be made into a rom-com movie. 

The second book was Beach Read by Emily Henry. I loved this one! So fun, like laugh-out-loud fun, and a nicely building romance. Also well written and a delight to read. A perfect COVID-escape. If I had anything to critique about this book, it's the name which is a bit confusing. I will definitely check out future books from Emily Henry. 

The third one was an audio book that I listened to mostly on long walks with my dog Coco. Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I don't know if I would have enjoyed reading the book, it's possible that I wouldn't have, but it was perfect for listening. I guess this book is in the self help category. I didn't pick it because I needed the help, but because it was all over the internet and it popped up as available on my Libby app. I did enjoy listening to it, and it definitely had a good message to be true to yourself, be brave in not conforming to what society or other people expect from you, but living your truth. The focus was on women and the ridiculous expectations on girls and women. Good reminder to listen to your heart, and not let the pressure get to you. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Last Summer Weekend

I have a feeling that last weekend was the last summer weekend. And I'm very happy that we made the most of it by eating al fresco twice. A sunset beach picnic on Friday evening, Saturday breakfast picnic in the park, and then a visit to the local Farm stand. Sunday started with exercise outdoors and ended with a nice take-out meal.  I let the pictures speak... 

We almost joined the yoga class going on behind us, but then decided that we'd have more fun just watching :-)

Saturday's lovely breakfast picnic location

BTW, I'm wearing more Marimekko from the Uniqlo! 

The tomatoes were YUM with some fresh mozzarella, the kale became two dishes: chips and sauteed kale with mushrooms, and the butternut squash was peeled, cut to slices, covered with olive oil and spices and roasted to perfection. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

College Campuses the new virus hotspots

 Yikes! As hard as it is to adjust to college life, doing so in a pandemic is even tougher. And what do you do about classes if you have to quaranteen yourself for two weeks? As a parent, I'm worried about my child's health and exposure to a potentially deadly virus on campus. NY Times published an article this weekend that made my anxiety worse: How Campuses Became the New Covid Hot Spots

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

My Marimekko love

 I've always been a huge fan of Marimekko. Any fellow Finn will understand my affinity to this brand that stands for making the everyday more fun and colorful, and give women clothes that they can move in, are comfortable, and don't make you look like a sex symbol. Marimekko is as far from sexy evening wear as Trump is from Biden. Both are clothes meant to strategically cover our body but in the opposite ends of the sprectrum. With Marimekko clothes comes a certain sense of freedom. To be who you are, to be a little louder, a little braver, to let your personality show a little more. Lately we've been lucky with the Marimekko collections for Uniqlo - so fun, so inexpensive, and pretty decent quality. I've gone a little nuts every time a new collection has dropped, but this dress became my summer favorite. It's so easy to wear, wash (dries super quick and no ironing needed), pack (no wrinkles), and I think it looks cool too. I've been wearing it with my super comfy Fitflops sandals and Staud bag. My only regret is that I didn't snatch this dress up in the other colorway before it sold out.