Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Last Summer Weekend

I have a feeling that last weekend was the last summer weekend. And I'm very happy that we made the most of it by eating al fresco twice. A sunset beach picnic on Friday evening, Saturday breakfast picnic in the park, and then a visit to the local Farm stand. Sunday started with exercise outdoors and ended with a nice take-out meal.  I let the pictures speak... 

We almost joined the yoga class going on behind us, but then decided that we'd have more fun just watching :-)

Saturday's lovely breakfast picnic location

BTW, I'm wearing more Marimekko from the Uniqlo! 

The tomatoes were YUM with some fresh mozzarella, the kale became two dishes: chips and sauteed kale with mushrooms, and the butternut squash was peeled, cut to slices, covered with olive oil and spices and roasted to perfection. 

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