Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bowling Party

This year, to celebrate her 11th birthday, my daughter wanted to take her friends for bowling. I had been exactly once before, a long time ago. But no matter, we reserved the lanes and got the invitations out. And it was lots of fun! We had two teams of five each. We weren't very competitive, and nobody even checked in the end which team won... The main idea was that we were there together, having fun.

Gray and beige laid-back luxe

I just love this outfit - It looks very Michael Kors somehow. Luxe and laid-back and classy. I wish I would've looked half this good when I was 19!

My au pair bought this great little book of novels that has stories written by many famous people who remember their experiences from when they have just moved into New York. Could be an interesting read if you're planning to visit the City, or perhaps even move here... 

The book was purchased at the Three Lives & Company bookstore on 10th Street. Also worth a visit if you're in NYC. A cute little independent bookstore, a vanishing species in this time of e-books and Amazon.

Monday, October 28, 2013


This being the Halloween time, there are all kinds of spooky walks and haunted houses to visit. But this year I decided to let the family experience something new: The Rise of the Jack O' Lanterns. It is an event with thousands of carved and illuminated pumpkins arranged artfully along a walking path. It was amazing. Some of the pumpkins were incredibly detailed, with copies of master paintings including Mona Lisa and a Van Gogh landscape. Some pumpkins were funny, others scary, and yet many more were just unbelievable in their creativity. Unfortunately I don't have many good photos because it was too dark to take pictures without a flash, and the photos with the flash did not capture the feeling and the light shining through the pumpkin... Here's a bit of a taste of the event and the half mile path of pumpkins.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The road goes on forever, the music never stops

There is a car show at the Americana mall in Manhasset every fall. Hubby has gone every year, but usually I've made an excuse... But last Sunday the weather was so gorgeous that I decided to go along, just for the stroll. And it was actually lots of fun! Who would have thunk?

Hey daddy, we like this convertible Rolls Royce - can we get one? Pretty please... 

And let's get this Bugatti for mom! 

The road goes on forever, the music never stops


Funny Face on this Austin Healey. Maybe that's why they call it the Bug Eye Sprite! 

I was wearing Banana Repblic cardigan, Not Your Daughter's Jeans, Prada bag, H&M scarf. 

Love these mums - the Americana has the prettiest landscaping.

Americana is of course my favorite mall... The only complain is that there is no Zara or H&M. Otherwise it has everything that a girl needs! 

It was also Coco's 4th month birthday. Our baby girl is growing up!
The roses still in bloom!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Week Ago

Here is another party outfit, this one was for a kids' party where I took my daughters last weekend. It was a first birthday party for an adorable little girl (the fourth daughter in the family!) complete with a bouncy house and a photo booth. Both were huge successes with my kids :-) Except that eventually I had to take the three-year old home when she had a nose bleed from jumping around too much in the bouncy house. The photo booth pictures are hilarious! The booth came with a box of funny wigs, hats, glasses and other accessories.. We've been laughing at them all week. I was wearing my H&M skinny jeans, Ann Taylor top, H&M scarf, Chloe sunnies, Eileen Fisher sandals and Nancy Gonzalez bag.

Friday, October 25, 2013

I'm Back

Oh boy it's been busy lately.. Life has really been stuck on the rush hour mode. The worst thing about having too much to do is that the first thing that goes is the exercise. The second is the diet. And the third is the sleep. And of course when you don't eat healthy, and you don't exercise, and you don't sleep enough, you also don't have the energy that you need for all that stuff that makes you busy in the first place! It all just feeds a horrible level of stress. But luckily, all things come to a head at some point, and so has this stressful situation. Today I had a chance to do a great work out and then sit in the steam room in a state of bliss. It really felt like a turning point. Not that I will be that much less busy in the weeks to come, but I think that it's on a level that I can still handle without sacrificing exercise, healthy eating and sleep. 

Here is a recent outfit from a night at a friend's party. JCrew denim shirt, H&M necklace, an old knit vest, Loft pants, Marc Jacobs clutch, luxury rebel booties. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Black White and Gray

“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” 

My au pair is so pretty. I keep telling her she should go and try out as a model. She certainly has the looks for it! Beauty and brains in the same package. (And a fashion lover too.) This girl will go places!