Monday, February 29, 2016

Indigo Girls

I always try to arrange a fun activity for the kids' parties. One year we painted pumpkins, one year we had puppet theater performances, another year we had an art exhibition...

This year we did tie dye.

I was aiming for something like this:

Couture tie dye.. These were from Dior in 2012. 
But I ended up with this:
I actually love my own couture tie dye sweatshirt! I just have to style it a bit better ;-)

This is the whole lot - pretty cool isn't it!  We'll wear them together and call ourselves the Indigo girls. 

Tie dye selfie

It all came from this vat of indigo color. 

This project was a bit of work, but lots of fun. I will definitely try tie dyeing again. Next time with different colors and methods. Stay tuned...


  1. No freakin way@!! who would have thought that they would come out like this? gorgeous!

    1. It's cool! I'll bring your shirt to V's party!