Friday, July 14, 2017

The Day at the Lake House

One summer highlight for us is the day we spend at an old friend's lake house upstate New York. (Technically the house is in New Jersey, but it's so close to the border that I think of it as upstate. Although, if you actually live upstate NY, you'd be very offended by the characterization. Not to mention that it's insulting for the real upstaters that anyone from the New York City area thinks anything north of Hudson river as upstate. But I digress...) I love the lake house and always enjoy being by the water, and swimming in the lake. There is also a real Finnish sauna!!! And Finnish food!!! And Finnish friends!!! It's as close to being in Finland without having to travel there, i.e. perfection!!! 

10 points to the person who can tell what illegal activity is being set up here!!! 

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