Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crepes for Brunch

I used to be a big breakfast person, and loved to go out for breakfast. But with three kids in tow leaving anywhere (especially on a weekend morning) is definitely more of an effort, so these days breakfast is out and brunch is in.

Yesterday was a national Holiday, and we celebrated this extra day off by brunching  at Creperie Fresco at Williston Park. A great little place if you happen to be in Long Island. They've got two locations, the other in Long Beach.

We girls had sweet crepes (nutella and banana; belgian chocolate; the hedgehog which had chocolate, coconut, almonds; and dulce de leche with strawberries), and hubby had a savory crepe with spinach and goat cheese, all super yummy, and very reasonably priced. We are definitely going to this place again!

2015 has gotten off to a very busy and a bit weird start. First we almost lost Coco, and then, after just finishing renovations in out basement, we had a water leak again...! So more renovations to come...this time mostly on the outside of the house, and hopefully we will resolve this issue for good.

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